Sky-High Probate Costs

If you die without a properly prepared Estate Plan, it’s likely that much of your property will have to go through a court-mandated process called probate before any of your dependents and loved ones can receive anything.

This is a lengthy, public process, and it’s more expensive than ever. Outrageously, fees are calculated based on the so-called “gross value” of your property—meaning any mortgage on your house isn’t factored in. Just look at this chart:


And these costs could effectively be doubled, since the Executor of the estate is entitled to same compensation as the Attorney.

You shouldn’t put your loved ones through a drawn-out, ridiculously expensive, and bureaucratic procedure! For drastically less money, you can take care of your estate planning, which will save you money, will save your family from confusion in a dark time, and will give you peace of mind now.

photo credit: AMagill via photopin cc


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