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Components Of An Estate Plan

A typical estate plan consists of four documents:

  1. "The will" is where you nominate who will raise your minor children. Without it, the judge will decide who will raise them, and your ex-spouse, if you have one, will be managing their inheritance.
  2. "The revocable trust" is what will keep your real and personal property (worth $150,000 or more) out of probate, saving your loved ones months of bureaucratic agony, and tens of thousands of dollars. A trust will also ensure that your 19 year old children don't spend their inheritance on a new Ferrari.
  3. "The Power of Attorney" allows you to choose a person who will pay your bills while you are incapacitated. This way, you won't find your house in foreclosure when you get better.
  4. "The Health Care Directive" allows you to specify your wishes relating to life support, among other things. That way, your relatives won't keep you on it while they try to figure out what to do with you.

Our Mission

The mission of Modlin Legal is to make legal services accessible, affordable, and non-intimidating. There are many ways in which we strive to live up to our mission, from our comfortable kid-friendly offices, to the ability to speak plainly and clearly about difficult and often confusing legal matters. We want you to enjoy your time with us, and we'd like to form a lifelong relationship that you can count on.


"I highly recommend Marina. I went to Marina to set up a Trust. I thought it would be long drawn out process that would take at least 6 months... I was so wrong. Marina is professional and extremely efficient. She is very knowledgeable in Wills and Trusts. She is easy to work with and very patient in explaining the details. She explained the step by step process, gave me homework to compete, and within 2 weeks my trust was completed."
- Rhonda A, Santa Clara, CA 9/10/2016

"We chose Marina Modlin of Modlin Legal Services based on Yelp reviews, and we were thrilled with the service we received. She had a wonderful way of simplifying things with regards to setting up a will/trust & all the documents that go with it. I have already given a friend her name with high confidence that she will be happy with her services too."
- Sheryl A, San Jose, CA 4/22/2014