Sky-High Probate Costs

If you die without a properly prepared Estate Plan, it’s likely that much of your property will have to go through a court-mandated process called probate before any of your dependents and loved ones can receive anything.

This is a lengthy, public process, and it’s more expensive than ever. Outrageously, fees are calculated based on the so-called “gross value” of your property—meaning any mortgage on your house isn’t factored in. To see how much the probate attorney fees for your estate would be, try out our Probate Fee Calculator by entering the market value of your estate:

You shouldn’t put your loved ones through a drawn-out, ridiculously expensive, and bureaucratic procedure! For drastically less money, you can take care of your estate planning, which will save you money, will save your family from confusion in a dark time, and will give you peace of mind now.


"Marina provided outstanding service and was available to answer all of my questions and concerns in a timely manner. I particularly appreciated how clear and personable Marina was with my case. The final product was of excellent quality and exactly what we had discussed. I would recommend her to anyone with trust related questions or concerns."
Bernard R, 4/11/12