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"Having recently received an inheritance, I was in need of will and trust to protect the assets from probate, and to distribute the assets in the event of my demise. Marina Modlin’s help in achieving this goal was invaluable. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and personable. She made several suggestions and recommendations to clarify and simplify my preparatory notes, which were quite detailed.

She completed my trust documents in less than the time she said it would take, (7-10 days), even calling me on the weekend to iron out some last minute details. She made the extra effort to make sure I understood everything. She turned what I thought would be a long and arduous process, into a painless, easy to understand, one, two, three step process and produced a trust document in which I am both confident and comfortable, at the agreed upon price.

I would highly recommend Modlin Legal if you are in need of putting a trust together. A very small price to pay for piece of mind. Thank You very much Marina!!!"
-Gary P, Sunnyvale, CA 10/6/2017