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"Like many, my husband and I had procrastinated dealing with setting up a trust and making sure our wills were in order - not a good thing to do, especially with the real estate prices in this area! We finally decided to get it dealt with this year and I found Marina through Yelp. She was the first (and only!) attorney we talked to and I'm so glad to have done so.

Marina was prompt at responding to e-mails from the beginning - most of the time I had a response in five minutes! (The times I didn't, I suspect she was with a client - because when you're with her, you have her full attention.) She did an excellent job of explaining the benefits of the trust, things we needed to think about as we moved forward, and what we would need to do from the beginning. Her documents are clearly written, and I felt like I could understand them, even though I'm not a lawyer.

I also really liked interacting with her as a person - her sense of humor and attitude made me laugh and I can really respect how upfront she is. The whole process from our first exploratory meeting to signing documents took about three weeks and the price was about where I was expecting it to be - extremely reasonable! I'm very pleased and would be happy to work with her again if I ever had a need."
-Linda T, Campbell, CA 12/17/2014